Your Donations at Work

Tuckahoe Volunteer Rescue Squad prides itself in keeping with the gold standard of Emergency Medical Services care, which is far above the minimum requirements needed to operate as an EMS agency in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Our members' hard work and generous assistance from the community make it possible for Tuckahoe VRS to be a leader in EMS. Although TVRS operates on a volunteer basis, and provides its services free of charge, our members provide the "gold standard" of care to all patients. Our providers operate at the same level as those affiliated with paid services.

Your donations help Tuckahoe Volunteer Rescue Squad in many ways, including...

Education Assistance

All of our riding members are required to become a minimum of Emergency Medical Technician - Basic (EMT-B). This course usually lasts about four months and includes over one hundred hours of class and practical time. Some of our members continue their education to learn more advanced life support skills. These advanced classes can take anywhere from one to two years to complete, and require hundreds of hours of classroom and practical time. Because these advanced life support (ALS) classes are now organized by colleges, the cost of advanced education has increased significantly in recent years—it now costs in excess of $4,000 for a single provider to attain paramedic certification. Tuckahoe provides financial assistance to its members for these classes, so that they may go on to administer the highest level of care to the community.

Education doesn't end with initial certification, however—after our providers have become state or nationally-certified as EMT-Bs or ALS providers ("medics"), they are required to take many hours of continuing education. We assist our members by locating or sponsoring these classes, which enable skill retention and the learning of new information to ensure our providers are always on the cutting edge of EMS.

Advanced Medical Equipment


Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is being used in the field to help patients with certain kinds of breathing difficulties. CPAP has been found to decrease the number of patients who have to be intubated and placed on ventilators—a situation from which it can be difficult to heal.


The "EZ-IO" allows ALS providers to obtain access for medicines and fluids that would normally be administered by using an IV line. Because there are times when obtaining an IV is difficult or too time-consuming, this device allows the fluids and medicine to enter the body through the bone.

Zoll E-Series Cardiac Monitor

Tuckahoe recently updated its heart monitors to the newest version for EMS by Zoll. This new machine applies the newest American Heart Association (AHA) standards and integrates and improves some equipment previously used separately.


In an effort to always stay on the cutting-edge of technology, Tuckahoe is proud to have been using the AutoPulse for several years—one of the first EMS agencies in the Richmond area to do so. The AutoPulse provides a version of chest compressions that frees providers to do other tasks. Long periods of CPR can be tiring to EMS providers; the ability to use the AutoPulse instead means that more efficient and effective chest compressions are delivered to the patient.