Frequently Asked Questions

Why does a fire engine arrive when I call for an ambulance?

Because there are more fire stations than ambulances, fire suppression apparatus are likely to be closer than any given ambulance. The Henrico Division of Fire staffs its apparatus to the EMT level at a minimum, so having a fire engine arrive first on scene means that initial treatment can begin before the ambulance arrives. Fire apparatus are generally only dispatched to calls that are determined to be more serious (for example: chest pain, difficulty breathing, uncontrolled bleeding, cardiac arrest, etc.).

Will I be charged for calling for an ambulance?

No. Henrico County's volunteer rescue squads and the Henrico Division of Fire provide all services free of charge to our patients. Henrico County is one of the few localities in the metro Richmond area that does not charge for its services. Tuckahoe Volunteer Rescue Squad is able to provide these services without charge thanks to the community's generous donations that help pay for equipment, training, and medical supplies.