Tuckahoe Volunteer Rescue Squad



Current Operations

The TVRS has over 60 active EMS providers that practice within Henrico county. All of our apparatus are ALS capable and licensed as such by the Virginia Office of EMS. We currently have 5 ALS ambulances, 1 ALS Quick Response Vehicle (QRV) and a utility truck.

TVRS provides 24/7 EMS coverage to our community through the dedication of over 3,500 hours each month from all of our members. In a typical year, TVRS will respond to more than 3,700 calls.

Working with Henrico County Division of Fire (DOF):

TVRS is a non-profit EMS agency licensed by the Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services.

All of our EMTs and Paramedics are certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia and are required to maintain their certifications while riding with us.  Our EMTs and Paramedics must pass standardized national examinations to earn their credentials.

All medical care provided by our members is based on protocols established for our region and approved by our Operational Medical Director (OMD).

TVRS is a member run organization with an 11-member Board of Directors and an OMD.

Henrico County operates a 911 dispatch system that integrates the Henrico County Division of Fire and the two volunteer rescue squads (Tuckahoe and Lakeside).  Fire and volunteer rescue squad ambulances are all dispatched equally according to the location and nature of the emergency call.

TVRS is pleased to work in close cooperation with the Henrico Division of Fire and the Lakeside Volunteer Rescue Squad to maintain a vigilant focus on the quality of pre-hospital medical care provided to ensure that we best serve the needs of our growing and changing community.